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Driving Revenue

A multifaceted approach that requires digging deep into the multiple dimensions of making a sales. From where you are selling, where you are selling, when you are selling and how you are selling.

  • Location

    Crucial for identifying each location's performance, allowing for tailored strategies to optimize profits, manage inventory, and enhance customer satisfaction specific to each outlet's market and demand.

  • Channel

    Helps in assessing the performance and profitability of each sales avenue, such as delivery partners, in-store, or e-commerce, enabling targeted marketing and operational strategies to maximize efficiency and customer reach.

  • Item / Modifier

    Essential for menu optimization, inventory management, pinpointing customer preferences for specific item customizations leading to informed decisions about which items to promote, modify, or discontinue for increased profitability.

  • Promotion

    Key for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and special offers, enabling the optimization of future promotions for increased customer engagement and revenue growth.

  • Fulfilment Mode

    Assess the efficiency and popularity of different service methods, like dine-in, takeout, or delivery, enabling better operational planning and customer service optimization.

Optimising Cost

With increasing cost and a more competitive environment to grow revenue and fight for consumer wallet. One thing that can be kept in check and improve is cost.

  • Scheduling

    Vital for optimizing labor costs, ensuring adequate staffing during peak times for efficient service, and enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Payroll

    Helps in managing labor costs effectively, ensuring fair and accurate compensation, and aligning staffing expenses with business profitability and budget constraints.

  • Manpower Mix

    Aids in optimizing staff composition (employment pass type, designation, and employment type) for operational efficiency, compliance with labor laws, and effective human resource planning.

  • Supplier

    Crucial for managing costs effectively, ensuring accurate inventory levels, and identifying opportunities for negotiating better terms or finding more cost-efficient suppliers.

  • Invoice Item

    Helps in precise cost tracking for individual ingredients or products, enabling more accurate menu pricing, inventory management, and identification of cost-saving opportunities.

Maximising Productivity

If it can be done automatically why do it manually. The cost of doing manually is more costly and more error prone. So definitely nothing to gain.

  • Payment Reconciliation

    Streamlines financial tracking, ensures accuracy in payments and receipts, reduces manual errors, and saves time, enhancing overall financial efficiency and vendor relationship management.

  • Sales Prospect Predictor

    Aids in forecasting demand, tailoring sales strategies, and proactively targeting marketing efforts to maximize business opportunities and revenue.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

If it can be done automatically why do it manually. The cost of doing manually is more costly and more error prone. So definitely nothing to gain.

  • Resourcing Efficiency

    Optimize workforce management. By analyzing data across these areas, businesses can ensure efficient staffing levels, control labor costs, align staff composition with sales demand, and enhance overall operational performance while maintaining profitability.

  • KPI Democratisation

    Ensure that all employees have access to key performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making, accountability, and alignment with business goals to drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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