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Data Dropbox

Data Collections

Our platform simplifies the complexities of data collection, enabling you to capture valuable insights effortlessly. Adopt our pre-configured best practices and witness a new standard in data acquisition efficiency.

  • APIs

    Connect your apps and systems effortlessly, allowing seamless data flow into VAL with just a few clicks.

  • Databases

    Easily sync your stored information from various databases directly into VAL, without the technical hassle.

  • Spreadsheets

    Import your Excel or Google Sheets data into VAL with ease, turning your spreadsheets into a powerful data source.

  • Native Form

    Use VAL’s simple form builders to collect new data directly, making data entry as easy as filling out an online form

Automated Data Manipulation

Data Tuning

Dive into the simplicity of automatic data structuring. Our innovative platform does the heavy lifting, transforming disorganized data into a structured, analysis-ready resource.

  • Cleansing

    Eliminate errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies, enhancing the quality and reliability of your data.

  • Enrichment

    Enrich your datasets with additional context and details, providing a richer foundation for insightful analysis.

  • Aggregation

    Our platform combines multiple data points to provide a summarized perspective, essential for high-level decision-making.

  • Merging

    Merge data from disparate sources into a cohesive set, simplifying analysis and reporting processes.

Data Democratisation

Data Visualisation

Navigate your data through interactive dashboards that bring metrics to life, making complex information easily digestible and actionable.

  • Interactive Filters

    Empower your analysis with interactive filters that let you drill down into specifics, customizing the data display to your exact requirements.

  • Custom Dashboards

    Create and save custom dashboards tailored to your individual analysis needs, enabling quick access to the perspectives that matter most to you.

  • Editable Dashboards

    Create operational dashboards that shows you the important data needed to track and work on, directly edit the records from the widgets.

  • Cross-Dataset Linking

    Connect disparate datasets in your visualizations to reveal broader patterns and relationships across different data sources.

Data the New Oil

Data Analytics

Uncover valuable insights with ease as our analytics transform your data into understandable and actionable information with just a few clicks.

  • Behavioral Analytics

    Decode user actions to understand their journey, providing insights into customer behavior that can drive engagement and conversion.

  • Segmentation Analysis

    Break down your audience into meaningful segments for targeted analysis, helping tailor your strategies to specific groups.

  • Cohort Analysis

    Track groups of users over time to see how engagement and retention evolve, informing lifecycle marketing and customer success efforts.

  • Market Basket Analysis

    Understand the relationships between purchased items, discovering product affinities that can inform cross-selling and upselling strategies.

Maximum Security

Data Security

At the heart of our platform lies a commitment to data security, with multiple layers of protection keeping your information safe and sound.

  • Access Control

    Manage who has the ability to view or manipulate your data with customizable access controls, keeping your data in the right hands.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Enhance login security with two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of verification to guard against unauthorized access

  • Data Segregation

    Data are not co-mingled; each client data is stored in isolated containers, preventing cross-client contamination and enhancing security.

  • Encryption

    Protect your sensitive data with robust encryption standards, ensuring that your information remains confidential and secure from unauthorized access.

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