Cost Management


Vital for optimizing labor costs, ensuring adequate staffing during peak times for efficient service, and enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Why customer needs this

Understanding division, shift location, and related metrics like actual work hours, lateness, and projected hours is vital for HR. It facilitates resource allocation, performance management, and attendance tracking. This data aids in planning workforce needs, ensuring compliance, and reporting to management. By monitoring employee productivity, attendance patterns, and staffing levels across divisions and shifts, HR can optimize operations, address issues promptly, and make informed decisions to support organizational goals and efficiency.

Difficulty customer face before engaging us

  • The existing scheduling system used by many of our customers lacks the flexibility of drilling down. Compiling this information outside of the scheduling system requires significant manual effort, introducing potential errors.
  • Comparative analysis across multiple periods is not found in many of the scheduling systems we have worked with.
  • As data volume increases, manually processing it through Excel becomes increasingly slow and inefficient, eventually rendering it unfeasible.

Systems we extract data from

If your systems is not in here we will extract data from it. We either collect the data via API, direct database, system ftp or scraping downloaded system reports.

Available Dimensions




Shift Location

Employment Type

Shift Name


Pass Types

Employment Types

Shift Location-Position



Division-Department-Shift Location


Division-Department-Shift Location-Location-Position

Division-Pass Types


Department-Pass Types

Division - Foreign/Local



Department-Pass Types

Available Metrics

Hours Worked

Hours Late

Hours Break

Hours Scheduled

Employee Count

OT (Acutal - Scheduled)

Avg Hours Worked = Hours Worked / Employee Count

Distinct Shift Location Count

Distinct Shift Location Count / Employee Count

Shift Location Diff Location Count

The dimensions and metrics are subjected to those available in the system you use

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