Revenue Management


Key for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and special offers, enabling the optimization of future promotions for increased customer engagement and revenue growth.


Why customer needs this

  • Optimize Promotional Strategies: Real-time insights help businesses tailor future campaigns, optimize ROI, and enhance overall promotional effectiveness by tracking promo code usage patterns.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement: Monitoring promo code redemption allows businesses to personalize marketing efforts, incentivize repeat purchases, and foster long-term customer loyalty through targeted engagement strategies.

Difficulty customer faces before engaging us

  • Promotions tracking can be quite complex with promo at an order level and promo at an item level. Breaking this down manually is very time consuming and at times not feasible as required data is not provided from the POS via its front end.
  • There are many additional attributes of promotion from the start of promo, end of promo, type of promo, who beats the cost promo etc. These are essentially for effective promo tracking. Manually augmenting the data is both tedious and not sustainable.
  • The existing POS system used by many of our customers lacks the flexibility of drilling down. Compiling this information outside of the POS requires significant manual effort, introducing potential errors.
  • Often, our customers operate not just a single POS, but several POS and Ecommerce platforms. They must manually combine these to gain a holistic view, which again invites manual effort and potential errors.
  • Comparative analysis across multiple periods is not found in many of the POS systems we have worked with.
  • As data volume increases, manually processing it through Excel becomes increasingly slow and inefficient, eventually rendering it unfeasible.

Systems we extract data from

If your systems is not in here we will extract data from it. We either collect the data via API, direct database, system ftp or scraping downloaded system reports.

Available Dimensions


Promotions (3P)


Brand-Outlet-Promotions (3P)


Brand-Promotions (3P)

Available Metrics

Gross Sales

Product Sales

Service Charge

Delivery Fee

Platform Fee

Merchant Fee


Platform Discount

Merchant Discount




Net Sales

Order Count

Average Order Value (Gross Sales)

Average Order Value (Net Sales)

Discount to Gross Sales Ratio

Merchant Discount to Gross Sales Ratio

Platform Discount to Gross Sales Ratio

Merchant Discount to Discount Ratio

Platform Discount to Discount Ratio

Delivery Fee to Gross Sales Ratio

Platform Delivery Fee to Gross Sales Ratio

Merchant Delivery Fee to Gross Sales Ratio

Platform Delivery Fee to Delivery Fee Ratio

Merchant Delivery Fee to Delivery Fee Ratio

Surcharge to Gross Sales Ratio

Refunds to Gross Sales Ratio

The dimensions and metrics are subjected to those available in the system you use

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