Pricing to help your business propel

For small to medium enterprises and large corporates. We have you covered!



$125 p/m

$1,500 billed annually

  • upto 10K transactions a month
  • 4 hours of dashboard and insights changes
  • Sales Transaction Data Package



$500 p/m

$6,000 billed annually

  • upto 20K transactions a month
  • 8 hours of dashboard and insights changes
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Sales Transaction Data Package
  • CoGs Data Package or Customer Data Package



POA p/m

POA billed annually

  • more than 20k transactions a month
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom support arrangement
  • à la carte solutions add-on

Every Tier Includes

Owning your own data warehouse together with a bunch of great features to manage and utilise your data.

  • Unlimited users so everyone can benefit from data
  • Flexible dashboards which you can create on the fly
  • Out-of-the box integrations with systems, databases and 3rd party spreadsheets
  • Data workspace for browsing and working with your data
  • Create and change calculation and segmentation logic on the fly
  • Creating your own data entry form

Available Solutions

Browse the solutions and choose the one which works for you the best. Find out more about each by clicking on the solution title.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee?

There is typically a setup fee. The setup fee will be assessed post discussion

Can I add on solutions along the way?

Solutions can be added as and when required. Each solutions have different level of complexity and will incur additional subscription charges and setup fee

What type of activities is covered under dashboard and insight changes?

It covers any additional or changes in dashboard views that have been created during the setup period on available data in VAL involving 0 or minimal calculation logic

Can I pay quarterly or monthly instead of annually?
Yep and No

We currently only offer quarterly payment besides annual payment and the price would be higher than the listed price

If I change my system, can you pull the data from the new system and merge the data with the historical data from the old system?

We are built to augment your choice of system. As long as the system have the appropriate APIs, we can pull the data from it and merge it with the historical data. This would incur additional setup fee

If I use a system that VAL currently do not integrate with, will ThinkVAL team build the integration and are there any charges?

We will build the integration which we do not support today at no cost. Provided the systems have available APIs for us to connect to. Alternatively, we can also create custom importer to scrap the data from the spreadsheet output so that users do not need to reformat the data to load it into VAl.

If I have data maintained in spreadsheets with specific formatting, is it possible to load the data into VAL without reformatting?

We will build the custom importer that would allow you to upload the data into VAL with ease, or alternatively you can create the form directly in VAL and maintain the data in VAL without the hassle of having multiple version of spreadsheets all around.

Does the subscription fee increases if we exceed the transaction limit?

The subscription fee will increase upon crossing the limits for each tier and pro-rated accordingly.

Is the data owned by ThinkVAL?

All data pulled from your systems and entered by you belongs to you and not owned by us. We are a custodian of your data and you can export your data into spreadsheets as and when you need.

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