VAL Lite Roadmap

VAL Lite, your Data-hub in a box. No code, no thinking, just start!

🗺️ Roadmap

Updated: March 22, 2022 - VAL Lite

Here, we’re providing you with a look into our VAL Lite roadmap, broken out by things we’re focused on in the near-term (the next month or two) and long-term (over the 3 to 6 months). Like all software roadmaps, things are subject to change as we get more feedback, dig into new projects, and come up with new ideas. Our plan is to update this about once every 2 weeks.

Hearing from our community is an important input into our planning process. Please continue to give us feedback on VAL Lite – and on this roadmap – so we can work on the things that are most important to you.

Now that VAL Lite is available, here’s what we’ve made available:

  • Single user account — We support a single user account during this initial beta period launch
  • Google Analytics UA — We currently only support single GA UA account data extraction with over 15 dashboards and 10 data tables auto extraction made available.
  • Documentation — We have created our base set of documentation that describes all of the above data extraction and dashboards so that you know what you are getting. Check it out here.

Near term

  • Google Analytics UA incremental data extraction and dashboard catering to below dimensions and metrics
    • E-commerce Dimensions
    • Events Metrics
    • Conversion Metrics
  • Google Analytics V4
  • Notion
  • Self-Service Signup: sign up on your own and get your own VAL Lite domain on your own without the need to send us an email
  • Invite your co-worker: ability to invite your co-worker to use VAL

Long term

  • GA UA Multi-Accounts: Allow you to pull in data from multiple google accounts
  • Social Media and Ads integration and dashboard: Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook Analytics, Instagram, Facebook Ads
  • Ecommerce: Shopify, WooCommerce
  • Marketplace: Lazada, Shopee