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Getting Started with VAL Lite

Getting started with your own data hub can’t be any easier.

In this guide we will walk you through the steps in downloading your data using Google Analytics as an example.

Post Login

Post login, you will see the following screen.

You will find 2 landing dashboards.

One for GA UA and the other for VAL Lite. As we release new system integration to VAL Lite, you will see more landing dashboards created.

⌨️ Click on GA UA - Landing


GA UA - Landing

Here you will see the roadmap for google analytics and the all of the dashboards and data available to you.

At the top of the bar you will find the menu bar that links you to the available dashboards and data page.

⌨️ Click on Data in the menu bar


Import Data into VAL Lite

Here you will find all the data that you can start pulling into VAL organise in the Google-analytics folder.

To start pulling data you will need to first navigate to the table and authenticate yourself.


Once authenticated you will be directed back to VAL and see the below you will need to select your Analytics Account, Properties & Apps and Views which you will like to pull the data from.

Take note that as of today we only allow pulling data from a single account.

Once you click on extract you will be given 2 options

  1. Extract: Use this when the criteria you use for data pull is for a one time purpose such as pulling historical data. When you click on extract the data will be pulled from GA into VAL.
  2. Save & Extract: Use this when the criteria you set is for daily scheduled pull. We recommend setting the Start Date to Today - 2 and End Date as Today. There is no need to set the Start Date further back as the data is pulled daily in the morning.

⌨️ Click on Extract

Once you click extract, you will kickstart the data pulling process and on completion you will see the data in your workspace.

⌨️ Repeat this for all 10 tables so that all the dashboards will get populated accordingly.

To change the date range for data pull you can do it as such.


We suggest that for each table to start pulling data for the last 1 month first, take a look at the dashboards. And you can start pulling data further back as and when you have the time to do so.

After pulling data and you will like to set it to automatically pull everyday. You can click on the criteria and change it accordingly.


GA UA Dashboards

Time to see your data in action.

⌨️ Click on the top left V icon

You will be redirected back to page you first login.

⌨️ Click on GA UA - Landing

⌨️ Choose the dashboard from the menu

Wala! your dashboard should now be populated and automatically updated everyday from the data in GA UA if you are still using GA and yet to move to GA4.

GA4 will be coming up next so stay tuned or signed up to our newsletter to get the latest update. Sign up →


If you see any of the widget looking as such, wait for a min or two for the data to load.