Built for companies who want to track their company's health at their fingertips.


Choose from a wide range of available dimensions in your data


Choose from a wide range of available metrics in your data or calculated metrics derive by us from your data


Select from a range of available chart to display your data insights

The real-time data encyclopedia for all kinds of businesses

Get instant access to the performance of your outlets, products, promotions and everything else.

Be in control at all times.


Outlets, products, promotions, and more at a glance.

Get a quick glance via a list that shows key health indicators. Allowing you to assess what you will like to dive into.

Companies in control of the business use Datanet to stay abreast of their company's financial and operational health.

Zoom in to find out more

Discover more by drilling into the details as and when you need to.No more waiting for detailed information

  • Summary view of your selected dimension
  • Expandable tabs to view your dimension from multiple perspectives

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