Launch of VAL Lite

Launch of VAL Lite

Written by
Melvin Wang
Date published
March 22, 2023

Launch of VAL Lite

VAL Lite is now available! It's perfect for companies who want to get started on their data journey and prepare for the upcoming AI revolution.

It's a spin-off from its big brother, VAL, which is already being used by more than over 50 brands across a variety of industries. Taking feedback from our community, we created VAL Lite to provide an affordable and hassle-free solution for people who want to just start collecting data from their various systems and spreadsheets. And you know what's great? You can also visualise all the insights from this consolidated data at the same time for operational and decision-making purposes.

The platform is pre-configured with all necessary integration, data enrichment, and dashboards, so you don't need to worry about understanding complex data models or figuring out what fields to extract. Plus, new features will be introduced every week, and the team is always open to feedback from users on what they want to see next.

The launch is starting with the ability to extract GA Universal data, which is perfect timing with the impending GA4 upgrade. And don't worry, GA4 will also be available soon so you can seamlessly stitch past and present data together.

During this soft launch phase, there may be some limitations, but the team is working hard to provide as much as possible to make your data journey easier. And if you join during this phase, you'll get preferential treatment in future!

More systems will be added in the coming weeks so watch out for it.

After the soft launch phase, there will be a freemium model for companies with minimal data needs, and affordable paid plans for those who need more. And remember, at any point, you can download your data, so you won't feel locked in with VAL Lite.

Check out this post to see what you are going to get from VAL Lite today.

So what are you waiting for? Join the VAL Lite community and start your data journey today!


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