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Collect 📦 data and 🔍 analyse with VAL Lite

Connect applications you use everyday. Make reporting, tracking and analytics easy. Built for teams who just need to get it done without the hassle of thinking or configuring.


Millions of data from these companies run on VAL daily

Powering more than 50 over of the the best companies and brands, from next-generation startups to established small medium enterprises.



All-in-one data workspace

Spend less time context switching, and increase visibility across the applications and services you rely on.


🔌 Collect

Pre-configured integration that extracts data from the applications you use

📦 Store

Data warehouse created on the fly without writing a single line of code

📊 Visualise

Pre-built dashboards get you started without any effort from

🚀 1st launch: Google Analytics UA

Starting with the ability to extract GA Universal data. Perfect timing with the impending loss of access to historical GA UA data. And don't worry, GA4 will also be available soon so you can seamlessly stitch past and present data together.


🔌 Data connectors coming your way

With 50 over integrations already in place, we will be releasing pre-defined data extractions and dashboards based on our extensive experience serving the industry today.



Get your dropbox for data

Play around with it first.


Contact us if you have anything special to ask about.

What is VAL Lite?

VAL Lite is a spin off from VAL that caters to users who would like to quickly consolidate their data with predefined integration and get access to ready made dashboards.

What are the steps in pulling data into VAL Lite?

You will have to sign in to the related integrations and specify your criteria for the data pull.

What if the data integration is not there today in VAL Lite?

Our roadmap provide a view of upcoming releases for new integration and you can also reach out to us to suggest what you will prefer.

How long does it take to implement VAL Lite?


Will there be support service?

We will be providing the documentation for you to self-service, and we are also happy to hear from you directly.

How often does data refresh?

It is refresh once a day in the morning.

How are data kept confidential and secure?

First, we always signed an NDA. Second, all your data are held in AWS and in your own private domain with no data intermingled between different company. Third, access to your platform, requires authentication and you can also use 2FA to further secure access.

Who owns the data?

You own the data, we are just a custodian using the data to automate your processes and generate insights for you.

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