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Getting Started with VAL Lite


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Google Analytics UA
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Use the button below to add a new page. When it's ready to go live, drag it up into the synced block in the sidebar above.

If you want to hide pages, you can move them into the toggle below ↓

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VAL Docs

Welcome to our functional and technical documentation, where you can find everything you need to know about VAL ⚡️

🙏🏼 Take note that the current docs are not optimised for mobile so for best experience please use your desktop.

There are 2 versions of VAL. This documentation is created as a guide for our VAL Lite users. Below is the difference between our 2 versions.


Standard version of VAL that have access to all the flexibility and build your own data hub features.

VAL Lite

Lite version of VAL that have been pre-built solutions packaged for customers who are looking to quickly get started with their own all-in-one data hub without the hassle of setting up and thinking.

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